Your Diet – The Case for a Healthy Detox

Have we been “innocently” guilty of cruelty to the ones we love ? Cruelty by diet, death by chocolate?

In today’s hectic , must have now culture we often go for the easy option in most things we do. This can be a good thing . Heck who wants to spend the day washing the clothes by hand when a washing machine will do the job in an hour? The labour saving devices and appliances are usually worthwhile, but what about when it comes to our health?

Microwave ready meals, fast food outlets, convenient snacks and prepared foods are great aren’t they ? They save time, preparation and menu planning . But STOP. THINK about it. What exactly are you feeding your body and those of your family?

We are often guilty of forsaking our health for convenience. It’s no surprise that in Western societies , obesity , lethargy, tiredness and stress are symptomatic of our diets. We simply don’t think of how a build up of impurities from a bad diet can leach into our systems and cause havoc over a number of years.

So what can you do about it? Well that depends on how serious you are about your health. To start with a healthy detoxification or intestinal cleansing diet can get you back on track. This flushes out the harmful chemicals and toxins inside your body and gives you a good base. The detoxification program you choose should be a well established one with easy to follow instructions and use simple organic, natural ingredients free from any refinements and processing.

A healthy detox diet is simple yet because of many peoples’ prior bad habits they find it hard to complete. 95% of people make excuses of some sort as to why it won’t work for them and miss out on the amazing benefits to be had. If those same people persevered they would have lower medical bills and insurance, they would have more energy to do the things they want, they would be less inclined to slump in front of the TV and be more likely to enjoy healthy , revitalizing activities.

I recommend that you take responsibility for your own health, complete a detox program and continue with a healthy diet. Many of us are too lazy to do this because of “easier” options but in reality these easier options do nothing to enhance the quality of our lives and those of our loved ones. Let’s face it a 10 day detox program followed by healthy eating isn’t that much to ask for the renewed energy, get up and go and healthier body you’ll gain. It will also give your mind a lift and

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